Cannabis News Videos

News videos about cannabis, which include various topics including the current legal status and legal battles regarding marijuana, both federal and state laws and changes thereto, and other general interest news topics.


Jeff Sessions’ marijuana move will backfire

Ron Paul and other lawmakers are calling for the resignation of Jeff Sessions after his rescindment of the Cole Memo and recusing himself from the Russia investigation.


Jeff Sessions nixes Obama era rules leaving states alone that legalize pot

Legal Pot States Prepare To Resist Jeff Sessions | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

New federal guidance raises questions for legal marijuana

California Towns Banking On Marijuana For Revitalization | NBC Nightly News

California’s marijuana muddle

The Guardian reports on the new issues that California will face after the new Attorney General rescinds the federal policy guidelines on federal enforcement of marijuana laws in states who have legalized marijuana for recreational use by popular vote of the people

How Legalized Marijuana Is Changing One California Town | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Why California Pot Legalization Will Sweep Across The Nation

The Young Turks discuss how marijuana will soon become legal in every state.  Especially important is the corporate profit motivation to make cannabis legal.

Will California Weed Growers Survive Legal Marijuana? (HBO)

When marijuana was made legal in California, it also brought in other regulations about the presence of pesticide residues on the plant.  The Vice team discusses the problem of weed tainted with pesticides and the laboratories being used to test for these residues.  There are some issues that have been created by these new regulations.

Recreational marijuana sales begin in California

Marijuana: The Latest Scientific Findings and Legalization