Report: Tests CONFIRM Bootleg Vapes LOADED With CYANIDE From Toxic Myclobutanil, Vitamin E; Gov’s Order For Flavored Vapes To Disappear Stayed By Court

This article first appeared in StatenIslander.Org, Staten Island’s Hyper-Local Paperless.™ It further delves into the recent issue in New York State, concerning tainted illicit market THC, CBD, and nicotine vape pens, as well as widespread contamination of illicit NYC black market cannabis products with Eagle 20, or mycolbutinil.  It’s the most recent article, thus far, in the ongoing series.

Staten Islander’s editors picked up the ball on the incredibly that first broke right here, on, penned by our own author, Avi’d Khan Abis-Mokir b. 1967 (pseudonym). 

What follows is the excerpt from the article. We encourage you to continue reading it in its entirety at As stated above, no place else had the facts right before we did. That should say something.

“First reported on Cannabistical.Com, and syndicated for publication here, at the Staten Islander News Organization’s paperless hyper-local news site, NBC new has confirmed that all bootleg THC and CBD vapes tested contain myclobutanil, better known by its most popular brand name, Eagle 20. ( This significantly boosts the credibility of’s anonymous author “Ari Mokir”, as he was the first to report this scandal.

In this article, part of our continuing series on both the flavored vape ban, as well as the rash of lung damage incidents, Staten Islander provides the latest, most comprehensive data, from the sources that matter most. As these two topics now intersect in an unquestionable way, this piece seeks to clarify what’s been muddied in the popular press…”