Maggie Widlund: Experiences From a National Cannabis Law Firm

Maggie Widlund is an attorney at 7 Point Law, a leading national law firm dedicated to the protection of cannabis entrepreneurs and the betterment of the industry.

Passionate about cannabis and the evolving industry, Maggie comes from a background in corporate litigation, having learned to mitigate legal battles in the tech world of Silicon Valley; Maggie’s other specializations include intellectual property and corporate transactions. Before joining 7 Point Law, she had worked with a wide variety of clients including investors, startup companies, as well as mature companies being traded on public markets.

Maggie recently joined us for the following interview, wherein she shares advice for aspiring ganjapreneurs in newly legal states, identifies useful knowledge and skills for a law student interested in working for cannabis companies, discusses the industry in terms of a potentially hostile presidential administration, and more!


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