CHILLAXD Offering Top Shelf CBD HEMP Flower & CBD Isolate

Cannabistical is pleased to announce our support of CHILLAXD. curates highest quality  CBD hemp flower from across the U.S.A., bringing the best of the best to you.

Cannabistical had briefly sold CBD hemp flower, but now we’re no longer going to be doing so, and instead direct our loyal customers to our partner, Chillaxd, which will be carrying on our mission of offering mind-blowing choice  CBD products.

Don’t worry; they’ll be  getting their buds from the same Master Grower as we were. And so, expect the same quality, same vivid terp profiles, same high CBD levels, and same perfectly cured, organic focus of Chillaxd will be finding strains that are grown incredibly well and also making certain that the selection is diverse.

Right now, there’s Grape Ape, LSD, Mango Cush (Green Crack), Durban Poison, Chemdawg, Maui Wowie, Jet Fuel, Casino Cookies, Star Master Kush, and Banana Kush in stock.

All items are certified legal by DEA-approved labs. Everything is incredible. And, there’s a strain to suit everyone’s taste. also sells CBD isolate, which is 99.9% pure, food-grade ethanol-extracted.

Click here to visit CHILLAXD right now!



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