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Cannabistical.Com is gushing with enthusiasm to announce our partnering with a Master Grower in the Mid-West. All our Hemp Flower items are 100% organic, and legally certified and lab tested to be below .3% THC, as is required by Federal Law. Our high CBD flower buds are legal in all 50 states! All grown indoors under lights, unless otherwise noted.

November 1, 2020 Update: Please note: In the future, Cannabistical will no longer be stocking CBD hemp flower. We are going to focus our efforts exclusively on curating the best in hemp and marijuana news, as well as original articles, as we did previously.

Instead, check out the incredible CBD hemp flower offerings of our trusted partner CHILLAXD. You’ll find a diverse selection of the planet’s very best CBD hemp flower and 99.9% pure CBD isolate.

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All our offerings are our own private label cannabis hemp products, and all are sticky, terp-rich, trichome-oozing flowers, carefully hand-manicured and perfectly cured. These may be purchased right here on this site!

You are not paying for expensive and wasteful throwaway packaging. The price is for the flowers, which rest on their own laurels. We package in plain, odor-sealing pouches,using the least amount of material possible.

Choose legal  CBD flower. Commercial weed in non-legal states are tumbled, blasted, and full of Eagle20. Do yourself a favor and buy a photographer’s loupe, and see for yourself that you’re smoking garbage. And, see how crystally our buds are!


Presently, this is what we have in stock:

LSD Hemp Flower

CBD Hemp Flower Buds LSD. Top Drawer Legal CBD Cannabinoids

LSD CBD Flower Photo

LSD CBD Flower Photo

Ever heard of L.S.D? No; not the stuff hippies “drop” that comes on a blotter or gelatin. I mean the marijuana strain. This is an absolute classic. Originally bred by legendary Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam, the THC version of this was Skunk#1 crossed with Mazar-I-Sharif, a particularly narcotic-feeling Afghani landrace type.

This is actually a lot like Super Skunk, which is Skunk #1 X Afghani, though SS and LSD each have a distinctly different Afghn parent. Ever meet two people from the same region? Some are tall, others short, some are heavy, others thin. Funny. Unfunny. You get the idea. The are significant differences in taste and smell between LSD and Super Skunk, LSD being less skunky. Effects, too! These 100% LEGAL (Under 2018 Farm bill) Hemp boasts flowers are smallish but pack a giant punch. Crystally as can be! Great in a bowl or papers, or even vaped. Great for blending with THC products (in legal states where available-we do NOT advise smoking black market cannabis!)

Strong and long-lasting, 100% amazingly positive effects. Amazing body buzz, though this is the non-psychoactive CBD (legal) version of this strain. Very euphoric and almost hypnotic, like a big cup of Kava-Kava, if you’ve ever been to Hawaii! Followed by a cup of Italian espresso! Relaxed AND alert. The genotype for the original THC version of LSD is ~60% Skunk, ~15% landrace, ~5% CBD, and ~20% OG Kush. Of course, thr CBD version has a higher percentage of CBD genetics. The strains with the highest homology are MCOG, Kealia Kush, and MK Ultra. Not Super Skunk, as you may have thought. Arrives with full documentation, with cannabinoid profile for 2018 Farm Bill compliance. One of the rarer strains you don’t see that frequently, this is 100% top-shelf CBD flower. Organically grown indoors (legally) under lights in the Mid-west by our good friends, 30-year master grower and strain conneusoir.

$10/Gram, Best in Batch: $15/Gram.

<<Best in Batch is the TOP flower of the tested lot, guaranteed hand chosen to be the best-of-the-best.>>


Grape Ape Hemp Flower

Hemp Flower Buds. Grape Ape. Organic. Highest Quality Indoor

Grape Ape Close-Up

Grape Ape is a classic Indica cannabis strain. But its effects are unique. This is still true even with the CBD variety. For those that know the THC version of this strain, it’s usually something they hold near and dear. Nothing like what you’re used to! Deeply relaxing, like a cup of chamomile tea. Good for anxiety. Feel snug as a bug in a rug. Great for meditation, watching a movie, relaxing DURING work, or soothing evenings.

Strong effects, but not psychoactive like THC. Totally clear head, body buzz, total relaxation! Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani are the lineage of the THC version of Grape Ape. This is LEGAL (Under 2018 Farm bill) Hemp flower, created by repeatedly crossing and back-crossing Grape Ape and a CBD plant, until the THC was within legal limits.

By all appearances, it IS the classic Grape Ape. Perfectly slow cured, this smokes smooth. Orange hairs, purplish bud leaves and calyxes. This is mature (legal) bud, with all the trichomes fully formed. No immature flower, ever. The scent is just like the THC version of Grape Ape; described as “grapey,” but I’ve always thought more of a deep skunky and peppery weirdness, unlike anything else I’ve smelled.

Anyone who’s smoked the real Grape Ape knows what I mean. These buds are loaded with white trichomes, of the type common to Grape Ape, if you know (and love) the strain. Use as a replacement for weed. Or mix with your weed for crazy synergy. This can be smoked in a bowl or rolled in papers. Vaping these buds is worth it, owing to the incredible terpenes. The genotype for (the original THC version of) Green Crack is ~25% Skunk, ~50% Hemp, ~3% berry, and ~15% landrace, and ~7% CBD genetics. Arrives with full documentation, with cannabinoid profile for 2018 Farm Bill compliance.


$10/Gram, Best in Batch: $15/Gram.

<<Best in Batch is the TOP flower of the tested lot, guaranteed to be INCREDIBLE.>>


Green Crack (Mango/Cush) Hemp Flower

CBD Hemp Flower BudsGreen Crack/Green Cush. Top Shelf Legal CBD Cannabinoids

Green Crack Flower

Why’s this called Green Crack? Snoop Dogg re-named it that. The original was named Green Cush by it’s breeder, but it’s actually not a Hindu Kush derivative. It’s also been called Mango. This is the fully-legal CBD version (Under 2018 Farm bill) Hemp flower, sticky-icky and glistening with “crystals.” Fully matured flower. A+++ To start with, the scent is AMAZING! Like sweet, musky fruit candy, very deep & complex bouquet! Perfectly cured. Absolutely one of the best terpene profiles I’ve *ever* encountered. And, I do mean EVER.

Did I mention the aroma? Flavor alone, this wins. Top shelf buds.

Green Crack (THC) is a cross between a 1989 Super Sativa Seed Club version of a Skunk #1, and an Afghani landrace, the CBD flower was created by crossing Green Crack (THC) with a CBD-only plant repeatedly. The original strain is from Athens, Ohio, by breeder Cecil C. Reportedly a very uplifting Sativa. The CBD version is not psychoactive, but retains this high-energy profile. Good antidepressant remedy, better than a bowl of oats! Great for socializing and parties, incredible uplifted feeling.

Great by itself in a bowl or vaped, or blended with THC flower. Way better quality than the commercial buds available in non-legal weed states that are tumbled, blasted and soaked in Eagle 20. The genotype for (THC) Green Crack is ~60% Skunk, 15% Hemp, 15% landrace, and 10% landrace genetics. Arrives with full documentation, with cannabinoid profile for 2018 Farm Bill compliance.

Relatives include White Super Skunk and Strawberry cough. The strain with the highest genetic homology is Dream Queen, for all the strain nuts out there. Notice the Kush-based genetics missing? Cush was an exceedingly poor name for the strain, so just about anything is less confusing! This is highest-quality hemp flower, and is priced accordingly. These buds WILL impress.

$15/Gram, Best in Batch: $20/Gram   Only Available by the gram, Sorry.

<<Best in Batch is the TOP flower of the tested lot, guaranteed hand-chosen to be the best-of-the-best.>>